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Water Heaters and the Power of Descaling

benefits of descaling water heaters

The answer to negating the accumulation of minerals in your hot water heater is descaling.

The infrastructure of your home is comprised of wood posts, beams, electrical cords, pipes, and more. Your hot water heater is an important piece of the puzzle, and in many cases, an unseen aspect of your home. You use hot water for bathing, cleaning dishes, and doing laundry on a regular basis.

What is Scaling?

Scale represents the industry term for the build-up of lime and calcium in your water heater over time. Homes with significant amounts of calcium and magnesium in the water—also known as hard water—are at greater risk of scaling issues.

When water is heated, it can cause minerals to harden onto the inner lining of the hot water heater and even within some of the plumbing lines throughout your home. Scaling is most visible on bathtub faucets, sinks, coffee makers, and washing machines—look for a chalky, white residue.

Excessive scaling can take a toll on your appliances and your hot water heater. It can even cause clogs in your plumbing or alter the taste of your morning cup of coffee. Eek! When your hot water heater is fighting buildup, it requires more energy, dispenses less water over time, and can even overheat.

The Power of Descaling

Descaling is the process of removing the buildup of lime and calcium from your hot water heater, and it is a powerful tool. Not only does the process allow the heated elements inside your appliances and water heater to function better, but they also end up cleaner as well.

We recommend you descale your hot water heater at least once every 2 years. Doing so will save you money over time and extend the longevity of the numerous water-using appliances in your home. The Action Drain & Plumbing crew is available to descale your water heater. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Different hot water heater models require different descaling processes. Rest assured we will use the proper descaling process and tools for your hot water heater—it’s not a one size fits all approach!

What Happens If You Don’t Descale?

If you choose not to descale your water heater every two years, you are skipping an essential aspect of home maintenance. In time, your water heater may become noisy, your shower or bath may not get as hot as you’d like, and you may be spending more money on your electric and/or gas bill. Be proactive and schedule a bi-annual hot water heater descaling today!

Request a quote or contact us for more information. Our Washington service area includes Spokane, Airway Heights, Deer Park, Cheney, Spangle, and Liberty Lake.

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25 de mai.

Your home's structure includes wood posts, beams, electrical cords, and pipes, with the hot water heater being an important but often forgotten part. Regular descaling prevents hard water buildup, which can reduce efficiency and raise energy costs. For best results, hire an HVAC Contractor to descale your hot water heater.

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