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Are "Flushable" Sanitary Products Really Okay To Flush?

Are "Flushable" Sanitary Products Really Okay To Flush

The simple answer is: No. Over time they can create a real mess in your sewer line and in the city sewers.


Unfortunately, the majority of wipes on the market don’t biodegrade quickly enough to avoid clogging the pipes. Even toilet paper (which is designed to biodegrade) can get caught in pipes with imperfections. “And the more durable the material is, the more likely it is to clog. If you’re flushing paper towels, you’re running a bigger risk than with toilet paper. And if you’re flushing wipes -even flushable wipes- the chance of a clog goes up.” Once stuck, toilet paper or wipes create a blockage. “Other things catch on, and the next thing you know, you’re calling the rooter man (Action Drain) and paying a few hundred bucks to get your drain snaked. And if a few flushed wipes can cause a problem for a home, then this only becomes additive for municipal systems, which are meant for handling items that break down relatively easily.”


“They don’t break down. Eventually they will (they have some natural fibers in them that will break down) but they don’t break down in seconds like toilet paper, which breaks down as soon as you get it wet.” “Manufacturers don’t make it very clear on the packaging what the disposal methods are.” Playtex Tampon’s first-time-user guide clearly makes it seem like a matter of choice stating, “you can flush the used tampon or place it in an appropriate waste container.”

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To sum it up:

To help keep your lines running smoothly and the city’s lines operating smoothly, remember the only three things that should be flushed are: Pee, Poop and Paper (and that’s toilet paper). The three P’s.

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