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5 Fall Drain Cleaning Tips for Any Home

When the leaves start to change and the temperatures dip, give kitchen, laundry, and restroom drains a little TLC.

With average high temps in the upper 50s during the month of October here in Spokane, we feel a definite shift from summer to fall. This is the time of year where kids are back to school, football games dominate most home televisions, and sweater-weather is in full swing. Fall is also the perfect reminder to spend a little much needed time on the care and maintenance of your home’s plumbing and drainage system.

5 drain cleaning tips for Fall in Spokane

Here are our top 5 do-it-yourself drain cleaning tips:

1. Snake your drains. Remove excess hair and debris from shower, tub, and sink drains to increase water and waste flow. You can use a plastic stick tool—find them at your local hardware store—or even an old wire hanger.

2. Check your drain strainers. If necessary, clean or replace all drain strainers. Whether your drains are mesh, plastic, or metal strainers, these small but mighty tools are your first defense against food bits, hair, and other debris that may clog your drainage system.

3. Ditch most chemical drain cleaners. Most drain cleaners promise more than they deliver. Some are made with toxic chemicals that can damage parts of your plumbing system in the long run. If you think you need something to breakdown debris and compounds, Action Drain & Plumbing recommends BioOne—an easy-to-use and safe drain cleaning solution.

4. Try drain cleaning home remedies. Science doesn’t lie—and we know that when you combine baking soda, vinegar, and hot water, your drains end up cleaner than they were before. Start with the baking soda and then add a bit of vinegar—let this solution rest for 5 minutes. Pour hot water directly into drain. After about 30 minutes, pour more hot water into the drain.

5. Citrus is your friend. If your drain has a smell or funk to it, it is time to engage our natural friend from the produce isle. Lemon can be used to get rid of strong odors. Squeeze the juice of a lemon down your drain—and turn on your garbage disposal as you do this (if you have one).

Bonus Tip: Hire drain cleaning pros. In addition to following the DIY list above, you should also employ an annual drain maintenance service. Keeping your main sewer line cleared from roots on an annual basis can save you from drains backing up into your home; and can also help diagnose potential sewer line breakage. Contact Action Drain & Plumbing to schedule your next routine maintenance appointment.

You never want to find yourself in reaction mode when it comes to your drain and plumbing system. Be proactive and give your drains a little extra TLC annually. And of course, know that Action Drain & Plumbing is available to clean all drains from the kitchen sink to the sewer.

Request a quote or contact us for more information. Our Washington service area includes Spokane, Airway Heights, Deer Park, Cheney, Spangle, and Liberty Lake.


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