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WWETT Show 2018

WWETT Show 2018

The Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show has become an annual event for Action Drain & Plumbing. Every year we send two representatives to attend seminars, learn about new products and order new equipment.

It is also a great opportunity to see old familiar faces and meet new people from across the country (and around the world) who work in similar careers. It’s also nice to get a little reminder about how valuable the service is. It is a dirty job that is very necessary. As users of these facilities ourselves, we are reminded how grateful we are to live in an advanced world with sanitary plumbing that should be valued.

We attended an appreciation night at the Indianapolis Colts field (Lucas Oil Stadium). There we enjoyed live music and attempted kicking a field goal.

We were also treated to a little competition in the showroom. A fellow drain company, Zoom Drain, teamed up with Spartan Tool for an “Are you a Drain Pro” competition. There were 3 different challenges, and our very own JUSTIN won first place out of many others who participated.

The food is always fabulous there and the city is a great walking city. There is a lot to see right in that local area.

Thanks Indy and WWETT 2018, Until next year……..

If you’re having problems with the pipes in your home, or just want to set up a regular maintenance cleaning, give Action Plumbing a call today at 509-467-1717!


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