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Some Things Can’t Be Fixed - You Need to Call a Pro

Plumbing issues that require an expert

Plumbing issues always manage to happen at the most inconvenient times. You could be preparing for a long, stress-free vacation, or having family over for a holiday party. You’re packed and ready to go or you’re sitting down for dinner and suddenly, the toilet won’t flush. The sink won’t drain. There is water leaking from somewhere that you can’t find nor stop. In moments like these, you wonder if it’s a quick fix you can handle yourself or if you need to call a professional. In these cases, best to call an expert.


Flooding is one of the worst scenarios to experience in your home. Whether a pipe has burst or there is a clog backing up the drainage system, there is now water in your home damaging things like rugs, carpeting, flooring, furniture and appliances. If you ever experience flooding, call a professional - immediately. Experts have the knowledge and equipment to identify the leak or plug, fix it and possibly help you avoid calling a professional cleaner too.

Multiple Clogs

One clogged drain is a nuisance and a quick fix, more than one clogged drain can mean a giant, expensive problem. When more than one drain in your home isn’t working, that could mean that the entire water system in your home clogged, not just a single appliance. This means buying at-home products like Drano or pipe cleaning wands will cost you money but won’t get the job done. In these instances, you will need a professional to visit your home and fix the issue with special equipment.

Your House Stinks

Nothing like the smell of human waste or contaminated water to welcome your holiday guests into your home. If you detect a foul odor seeping from the drains, this could mean a huge drainage issue. A bad smell doesn’t necessarily mean catastrophe. Sometimes the issue can be fixed by a simple, thorough pipe cleaning from a professional. Other times, you may need pipes in your home completely replaced.

In moments like these, where time is of the essence and you’re not sure what to do, always call a professional. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and have the tools and tricks necessary to fix the problem as soon as possible to save you money, time and stress. For Spokane residents, contact Action Drain & Rooter Services. With 24/7 emergency services and precise, efficient work, we are a trusted and respected local business.

If you need professional help for a clogged drain or information on other services we provide, call Action Drain at (509) 467-1717.


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