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What’s Under Your Grass? How A Sewer Video Inspection Works

A sewer line inspection finds problems

Every homeowner’s nightmare scenario involves an issue with plumbing! If left unchecked, sewer issues can be costly and destructive. But not all sewer issues are easily detectable and traceable. For example, if the issue is a broken sewer pipe, then eventually you might notice based on clues such as overly soggy, wet grass, basement drains backing up; however, if it’s a backed-up sewer pipe, it can be difficult to isolate the blockage. This is where a sewer video inspection acts as a homeowner’s saving grace!

What is a Sewer Video Inspection?

In the past, exploratory digging was mainly left up to the educated guesswork of the professionals. With more modern technology, experts now use a relatively inexpensive method of video sewer line inspections. What’s more, there is no digging involved! No holes or trenches need to be dug to perform a sewer video inspection.

A sewer video is performed by a professional plumbing company, and is the process by which said plumbing expert runs a video line through your sewer water pipe. The video line may run down your home’s sewer line, the large pipe leading from your house to the city water line, or down your branch lines which are the pipes that connect and lead from the bathrooms and faucet to your home’s sewer line.

The end of the video line has a camera that allows for the plumber to determine the source of the block via a transmitting device that produces a signal. Additionally, the camera at the end of the video line allows you to see the line in real-time and close-up. Note that your plumbing expert will have access to very expensive, state-of-the-art equipment to perform your sewer video inspection. Sewer camera scopes are high resolution with recording capabilities, complete with very powerful lights, and most importantly, the cameras have transmitters at the end, assisting the tech in locating the source and points of blocks.

When Should I Get My Sewer Line Video Inspected?

Generally, you should schedule a sewer video inspection if there is a problem with your plumbing (i.e. a blockage) that does not respond to plunging, drain cleaners, and/or sewer drain augering. In rarer cases, a homeowner may need a sewer line inspection before adding/remodeling a new bathroom, or remodeling a kitchen. These upgrades will add a higher demand for wastewater, and it may be prudent to have the sewer line video inspected to ensure it can handle the increased demand.

If you need to schedule or discuss a video sewer inspection in greater details, turn to Action Drain & Plumbing, one of the most respected local businesses in Spokane, WA. We have over 70+ years combined experience and are able to provide the precise, highly efficient services you need to keep all of your plumbing functioning at its best. We provide a full range of services related to your pipes, from thorough unclogging, rootering, sewer inspections to leak repair, part replacement, water heater repair, sump pump repair and trenchless sewer line repair.


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