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Water Bill Going Through The Roof?

Is your water bill getting too high?

With the beautiful summer weather, sunshine, green grass, beautiful flowers, and full trees comes extra water use. It is safe to say and presume that most of us appreciate our water supply.

Per an analysis by Environment Magazine, outdoor watering accounts for almost 30 percent of water use. But toilets are 19%, washing machines are 15%, showers are 12% and faucets are 11%. Then there’s the 10% of water lost to leaks that are not always easy to detect.

According to the same article, the 5 most effective ways to save water indoors are to install low-flow toilets, use a high-efficiency washer, reduce shower time to five minutes, wash only full loads of laundry, and reduce toilet flushes by 25 percent.

Tips to save water are:

KITCHEN: Replace your old dishwasher with an energy saving dishwasher. Wash only full loads of dishes. Keep your drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap until It’s cool.

BATHROOM: Replace old toilets. Make sure that they aren’t running constantly. Take showers instead of baths and cut your shower time to 5 minutes. Replace your old faucets. Don’t use your toilet as garbage can.

OUTDOORS: Let the grass grow longer by raising your lawn mower’s cutting height. Longer blades of grass help shade each other, reducing evaporation. Don’t wash off your driveway, steps, or deck with water. Collect rain water in barrels or install gutters.

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