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Sewer Scope/Inspection/Locate Giveaway!!!

Sewer Scope/Locate Giveaway prizes

Buying a new home soon? Simply enjoy peace of mind that all is well with the main drainage system in the house? We are having a giveaway this month that might help ease your mind and save some of the costs involved with either!

We are giving away a complimentary sewer scope as our 1st place prize and one of our Action Drain & Plumbing trucker caps as a 2nd place prize.

Head on over to see how to enter on either our Facebook or Instagram page. Links to both can be found at the top and bottom of our website.

Good Luck!!

If you’re having problems with the pipes in your home, or just want to set up a regular maintenance cleaning, give Action Plumbing a call today at 509-467-1717!


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