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Sewer Backing Up? Are You or the City Responsible?

When your sewer starts backing up you may question if you are responsible as the homeowner or if the city is responsible. Here in Spokane, in most cases, you as the homeowner are responsible for anything happening from yo

Are sewer backups a city or homeowner problem

ur home to the city sewer main.

It only becomes a city issue if it is “proved that they are negligent in the maintenance or operation of the sewer system.”,40,41,59,74,...

Everything on the property is the homeowner’s responsibility, including all pipes on the property.

Most of us don’t give a second thought to our outgoing pipes until we have problems with them. To be proactive, it’s always a good idea (especially in older homes or new home purchases) to do a sewer video inspection so you are aware of any possible issues you may be facing in the future and to schedule regular maintenance for any root growth that may occur.

If you’re having problems with the pipes in your home, or just want to set up a regular maintenance cleaning, give Action Plumbing a call today at 509-467-1717!


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