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Don’t Be Surprised By Unexpected Back-Up When You Move Into Your Brand-New Home

Get your sewer/septic line scoped today!

Sewer line video cameras or sewer scopes

The summer is upon us and with that comes the end of another school year, moves and new home purchases. A lot of times people only think about getting the interior inspected without considering what shape their sewer line is in. They then get all moved in and situated (after the negotiations made from the home inspection alone) only to encounter an unexpected, messy, no good, very bad situation that now must be dealt with.

Before signing papers on your new home of choice, it is a good idea to go into the buyer demands/requests portion of your purchase with full knowledge of everything on the property.

We have had good scenarios that leave the buyer with peace of mind. We’ve also come across not-so-good scenarios in which buyers were happy to get to have an opportunity to negotiate with the seller and come to an agreed upon resolution prior to purchase. Then we encounter the scenario where the buyer didn’t have a sewer scope done and are now facing a pricey situation.

Sewer Inspections are typically quick and easy. They are a great, lasting investment that is worth having done, whether the outcome is good, bad, or ugly.

We would like to be your trusted source for sewer inspections. We have high-def cameras that display a top-notch image. Our experienced techs can locate any areas of concern, provide full line detail, and include a copy of the video. Welcome summer 2018! Happy Moving and House Hunting!

If you’re having problems with the pipes in your home, or just want to set up a regular maintenance cleaning, give Action Plumbing a call today at 509-467-1717!


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